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How do I move a spacecraft on an orbit about 70 ° counterclockwise?



Hi KSP colleagues,

Please look at the screenshot below, if you would be so kind:


You can see the icons for three spacecraft along three different Munar orbits.  All three orbits have more or less the same characteristics -- they are fairly circular with very small inclination with respect to each other as they go around Mun.

That's good.  The problem is that I would like the three craft to be equally spaced around Mun -- in other words, each one spaced about 120 ° apart from the other.  The two spacecraft on the bottom of the picture more or less meet that criterion.  However, the third one -- the one on the right side at about position 80 ° -- does not.  It should be at 0 ° (that is, right on top).

Please, could someone tell me how to accomplish that without changing the shape or the inclination of its orbit.  All I want to accomplish is change the location of the spacecraft on the very same orbit.

Thank you for your consideration.


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Not possible without temporary changing the shape. If you want to get even more in front of something, you need to speed up. Which means you have to lower at least one part of your orbit.

And so, burn retrograde a bit, only once, your orbital period will get shorter, you'll get ahead of the other craft even more, once you see the separation is good enough, head to Ap and circularize back into orginal orbit shape.

For finetuning, you may want to set other craft as target and observe closest approach if you want but that's more work.

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