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KerBinary: Transmogrifying the solar system for fun (and PROFIT) Release 0.1


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Kerbinary is a mod I developed to rearrange the solar system in new and interesting ways. It has the main feature of having not 1, not 2, not 3, but . . . Hold on. Only 3 binary systems? For a mod called KerBINARY! Anyway, you might be able to expect some planetary revamps in the far future, but don't count on it.






Updated ones coming soon


ON TO THE LAYOUT (spoilers ahead)


The Sun: Literally nothing changed.

Eve: Nothing Changes

Kerbin: In binary with Tylo

                                                 -Pol: Moon of kerbin

Tylo: In binary with Kerbin

                                                 -Gilly: Moon of Tylo

Duna: Growed to mars size

Mun: Orbits sun, name changed to Muun

Ike: Orbits sun, size and gravity changed to duna's, rings added

                                                 -Bop: orbit's Ike

Jool: no change

                                                 -Laythe: nuthin changed

                                                 -Moho: orbits Jool

                                                 -Dres: orbits Jool

                                                 -Minmus: orbits Jool in a near-polar orbit

Vall: Orbits Sun, in a binary with Eeloo

Eeloo: In a binary with Vall




Opm: Puts Plock where Dres was

You can use any visual mod you like with this mod

SigmaBinary: USE THIS

Corelian Support Coming

JoolRetexture support coming


Any solar system changer mod. IE: Beyond Home, Alternis Kerbol, Snarkiverse, .......


Kopernicus. This is a planet mod. What, do you think i'm gonna write my own plugin?



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Update for 2.0
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3 hours ago, TRAPPIST-1E said:

Mun: Name changed to Muun

 Glad to see someone is addressing the real shortcomings of the stock system! :D

2 hours ago, alberro+ said:

Sounds like one hell of a planet pack. Would love to see some pics of it though!


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21 hours ago, TRAPPIST-1E said:

Anyway, you might be able to expect some planetary revamps in the far future, but don't count on it.

I plan to revamp Tylo so much it really won't be Tylo anymore. I want to transform it from a big vacuum planet to a chlorine world, with copper chloride deserts and oceans of water that are stained green with chlorine and algae. The deserts would be intersected by massive mountain ranges and the oceans would be in the bigger craters. Big plateaus and rocky areas also make up a lot of it. I have not started work on it yet bit it is in the near future

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Update 2.0 because I changed basically everything. Most planets orbit's have been changed since the last one, and I now think the solar system is how I like it. Enjoy!

Changelog Kerbinary 2.0

Moved Minmus to orbit Jool in a polar orbit
Made Gilly orbit Tylo
Made Pol orbit Kerbin
Gave Ike rings, moved it out
Made Bop orbit Ike
Changed Eve to it's stock version
Made Duna's orbit stock and biggened it to be the size of Mars
Made Dres not orbit in a polar orbit, moved it out
Moved Moho out
Made Laythe's orbit stock
Moved the Mun out

Probably more but I can't find any


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