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[1.12.3] Kcalbeloh System Planet Pack (v1.0.1) - A journey to a black hole (Nov 12, 2022)

Jason Kerman

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 Kcalbeloh System


Kcalbeloh System is a planet pack adding a high quality black hole system,  which includes a giant black hole and three star systems orbiting around it, and 25 planets and moons.

After more than a year of development, I'm glad to announce that Kcalbeloh System has finally come to the official release. I tried my best to make each celestial bodies unique, high quality and worth exploring. Most celestial bodies have been revamped several times before they appeared as they are today. Also, I tried my best to make this system with as much variety as possible. Through this mod, I hope I am able to share the beauty of the universe with you.

I really appreciate everyone who has followed this mod. Also thanks to everyone who has provided suggestions, bug reports, or any other forms of help.

The official release doesn't mean the end of the development. I have some plans for future updates to make it better. If you have a cool idea and want to contribute to this project, feel free to let me know.

Happy launchings!



System Map

Are you sure you want to spoil it?



Celestial Body List:

  • Kcalbeloha super massive black hole, and also the center of Kcalbeloh system. 
    • Onrefnia dwarf planet very close to Kcalbeloh. Its surface is torn apart by extremely strong tidal forces.
    • Rouqeaan ocean world, which means its surface is completely covered by water. 
    • Iomena: a rocky planet with large craters and oceans.
    • Uleg: a cold dwarf planet orbiting further around Kcalbeloh. Its surface is almost completely covered by ice.


  • Maelg: An L-type brown dwarf star orbiting around the blackhole.
    • Mehtna: a tidally locked planet with very thin atmosphere.
    • Meiuqer: a minor planet orbiting around Maelg.


  • SunorcA K-type orange dwarf star.
    • Sedah: A pink-colored gas giant very close to Sunorc. It is glowing slightly due to the high temperature.
    • Suluco: A habitable planet tidally locked by Sunorc. It is baked on one side and frozen on the other. Only the small region near the terminator is habitable.
      • Tot: An asteroid orbiting closely around Suluco.
    • SeraA red-colored rocky planet with atmosphere and giant lakes.
      • Dipuc: A dark-colored moon with giant craters and high mountains.
    • Simetra-Simeht: A binary gas-giant system.
      • Simetra: A colorful gas giant.
        • Noira: A moon with a giant crater and retrograde orbit around Simetra.
      • Simeht: A small blue ice giant similar to Uranus.
        • Noi: An asteroid orbiting closely around Simeht.
      • Norihc: An icy moon with very thin atmosphere.
      • Noyreg: A rocky moon with a very thick atmosphere, which looks green due to chlorine.


  • Aralc System: A binary star system.
    • Aralc-A: An A-type bright blue star.
      • Anneheg: A melted rocky planet orbiting closely around Aralc-A with thin atmosphere and lava.
    • Aralc-B: An M-type red dwarf.
      • AroruaA rocky planet tidally locked by Aralc-B. It got its name because of the strong aurora due to the solar wind of Aralc-B.
    • Ahtpan:  A desert planet with naphtha oceans.
    • Aciore: A gas giant with a ring orbiting around the barycenter of the binary stars.
      • Enots: A tiny asteroid-like moon in the middle of the ring of Aciore.
      • Efil: A habitable moon. It seems like a good place for vacation.
      • EulbA blue colored moon.
      • Elad: A moon with a similar size and mass to Tylo.
















Aciore and its moons





















































System Requirements

  • OS: Windows Only
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 1-2 GB VRAM

Install Manually

  1. Install Kcalbeloh System
    • Download (choose one): 
    • Delete the privious version of Kcalbeloh System completely if you have an older version installed.
    • Extract the zip file and put all the three folders in /GameData (000_NiakoUtils, KcalbelohSystem and KopernicusExpansion) to your [KSP installation folder]/GameData/ folder.
  2. Install Dependencies
  3. Install Visuals
    The planet pack works fine without visual mods, but it will lose a HUGE part of its aesthetic.
    • EVE Redux: for clouds, dust storms, and auroras.
    • Scatterer: for realistic atmosphere, oceans, and sun flares.

After Installation (Please read!)

In KSP 1.12.x, the stock maneuver planning tool can cause severe lag/stutter in planet mods, so it's strongly recommended to disable it:

  • Press ESC in game and press the 'Settings' button. Then disable the maneuver tool in the setting menu, under KSP Community Fixes section. See below:


Installation Checklist

After a complete installation, the GameData folder should at least have the following contents:

  • 000_Harmony
  • 000_NiakoUtils
  • EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements
  • KcalbelohSystem
  • Kopernicus
  • KopernicusExpansion
  • KSPCommunityFixes
  • ModularFlightIntegrator
  • Scatterer
  • Singularity
  • ModuleManager.4.2.2.dll




Kcalbeloh System provides support with:

  • Environmental Visual Enhancements
  • Scatterer
  • Parallax (Needs Parallax Stock Textures)
  • Community Resource Pack
  • SpaceDust
  • Kerbalism
  • PlanetShine

Kcalbeloh System is compatible with:

  • Most visual mods (AVP, Spectra, SVE...)
  • Most planet mods (Beyond Home, OPM, GPP...)
  • RealSolarSystem, but requires some minor adjustments. See the next session.

Kcalbeloh System is NOT compatible with:

  • Principia

How to make it compatible with RealSolarSystem?

  1. Download RSSKopernicusSettings.cfg in the download page.
  2. Put it to Kerbal Space Program/GameData/RealSolarSystem/ and replace the original file.
  3. Install Sigma Dimensions.

Note: When installing Kcalbeloh System and RealSolarSystem together, 10x rescale will be forced on Kcalbeloh System.


Mod Settings


Go to [KSP installation folder]/GameData/KcalbelohSystem/ and open Kcalbeloh System Settings.cfg.


Wormholes = : whether to have wormholes connecting stock solar system and Kcalbeloh system.

  • True: (default) enable the wormholes.
  • False: disable the wormholes.

Home Switch

HomeSwitch = : whether to move KSC to Kcalbeloh system.

  • False: (default) keep KSC on Kerbin.
  • Suluco: move KSC and other launch sites and airfields to Suluco.
  • Efil: move KSC and other launch sites and airfields to Efil.
  • Home switch is NOT compatible with system-replacement planet mods (Beyond Home, GPP, RSS, etc).
  • Do NOT load any saved game after changing home switch setting.


DistanceFactor =: moving Kcalbeoh System closer or further to stock system.

  • 1: (default) keep the default distance (271.8 Tm).
  • 0.1: 0.1x default distance.
  • 10: 10x default distance.
  • 100: 100x default distance.


Rescale = : rescale the system to 2.5x or 10x size.

  • 1: (default) No rescales applied. It has the same scale with stock system.
  • 2.5: 2.5x scale. If JNSQ is installed, this value will be forced.
  • 10: 10x scale (realistic scale). If RealSolarSystem is installed, this option will be forced.
  • This setting needs Sigma Dimensions installed.
  • When homeswitch is on, rescale is automatically off because it can cause issues when enabling both.

RescaleAll = : Whether to apply rescale to all celestial bodies in game.

  • True: (default) Rescale applied to all celestial bodies in game, including Kerbol system, Kcalbeloh system, and all the other planet packs.
  • False: Only apply rescale to Kcalbeloh system. If JNSQ or RSS is installed, this option will be forced.


DisableSkybox = : Whether to disable the skybox bundled with Kcalbeloh System.

  • True: Disable the skybox bundled with Kcalbeloh System. Set it to True if you don't like this skybox.
  • False: (default) Use the skybox bundled with Kcalbeloh System.


Recommended Mods




Quality of Life




Discord Server


Click HERE to join Kcabeloh System discord server!  Here you can:

  • Follow the development of the mod
  • Have access to hotfix or pre-release
  • Share your gameplay experience or screenshots
  • Make suggestions or bug reports
  • Seek help for issues
  • and more!




  • Does it replace the Kerbol system or add a new system?
    It adds a new system without any change to the Kerbol system. But it also offers home switch options which allow you to move KSC to habitable planets in Kcalbeloh system. For more information on home switch, click here.

  • Is it based on the movie Interstellar?
    Yes, but no. Although some ideas of the mod are inspired by Interstellar, the goal of the mod is not to facsimile the Gargantua system from Interstellar, but to create a unique star system.

  • Is it compatible with other planet packs?
    Yes, it is compatible with most planet packs but it still needs further testing. Let me know if you have any issues.

  • Is it compatible with Real Solar System?
    Yes, but you need to download a config file. See here.

  • Is it compatible with other visual mods?
    Yes, it is compatible with most visual mods for stock system, such as Astronomer's Visual Pack, Spectra, and Stock Visual Enhancement.

  • What is a wormhole? How can I use it?
    A wormhole is a structure linking disparate points in spacetime. In KSP, a wormhole functions like a celestial body with its mass and SOI. To traverse the wormhole, you need to lower your periapsis below 30 km. After you reach the periapsis, you will jump to the other star system.




@R-T-B for maintaining Kopernicus.

@blackrack for Scatterer, Singularity and EVE.

@Vabien for maintaining Kopernicus Expansions.

@Pkmniako for creating Niako's Kopernicus Utilities (Smoother Heightmaps).

Kopernicus Discord Server: a really good community. I developed most my planet modding skills there. I can't list all of the name but thank you all for your help!

@JadeOfMaar for inspiration of the system map, and other helps and suggestions.

@DY_ZBX for Kerbalism and SpaceDust compatibility.

@themaster401 and @Astronomer for some EVE textures from Astronomer's Visual Pack.

@Sigma88 for SigmaReplacementsSkyBox, SigmaLoadingScreens, and SigmaDimensions.

@OhioBob for atmosphere calculator.

@RJVB09 for light curve calculator.

@ballisticfox0 @GGzz12321 for nice screenshots.

@Davian Lin and Jel for Russian translation.

Reddit user 0_0_1 for some sunflare textures from Kabrams Sun Flare's Pack.

(The names are NOT in order of contribution)


Change Log

  • November 12, 2022: v1.0.1
    • Rename Aciore as Anehta since the original name can be associated with a bad word.
    • Better rescale config. Add build-in rescale config for all celestial bodies in-game. If you want to play with 2.5x or 10x size universe, there is no need to install a rescale mod for the stock system. Also, it is toggleable in mod settings whether rescale is applied only to Kcalbeloh system or all celestial bodies. See here.
    • Better skybox; add an option in mod settings to disable the bundled skybox if you don't like it. See here.
    • Adjust Tot's orbit and size. Adjusted the mass of Noi and Enots. Be careful before loading a save if you have any vessels on Tot.
    • Improve Iomena's terrain. Be careful before loading a save if you have any vessels on Iomena's surface.
    • New sun flare for Sunorc.
    • Add sandstorms to Sera and Ahtpan.
    • Other minor adjustments and bug fixes.
  • September 24, 2022: v1.0.0
    • Official release!
  • September 11, 2022: Beta 1.4
    • Update for compatibility with Parallax 2.0.
      Please notice that surface objects/scatters for Parallax 2.0 have NOT been added. This is only an update to fix the loading error. I will add surface objects in the future but it needs a lot of work and takes time.
    • Add KSPCommunityFixes as a new dependency
      It can fix a bug that severely impacts the gameplay experience. You can find more detail at this section.
    • Other minor adjustments and bug fixes.
  • July 10, 2022: Beta 1.3
    • Update for compatibility with the latest Kopernicus release.
    • Remove DistantObjectEnhancement config and replace them with scatterer flare, which can have similar visual effects on distant planets. This change is made since it is known that DOE doesn't work for interstellar planets.
    • Other minor changes and bug fixes.
  • May 02, 2022: Beta 1.2
    • Add Parallax support. (Requires Parallax Stock Textures).
    • Use Mitchell-Netravali Filtered Heightmap by @Pkmniako. This yields a generally less pixelated terrain, and far better and smoother cliffs.
    • Add compatibility for:
      • SpaceDust
      • Kerbalism
      • PlanetShine
    • Add asteroid settings.
    • Add/improve some setting options.
    • Wormhole WH-3141-A are moved to Jool/Saturn system.
    • Add Russain Localization.
    • Other minor changes/fixes.
  • April 04, 2022: Beta 1.1
    • Compatibility with Community Resource Pack.
    • Add rescale options for 2.5x and 10x rescale. (SigmaDimensions Required)
    • New texture for Kcalbeloh's accretion disk.
    • Animated cloud bands for Aciore.
    • Other minor changes and bug fixes.
  • February 28, 2022: Beta 1.0
    • New planet: Mehtna and Meiuqer.
    • Revamp: Dipuc.
    • Custom Loading Screens.
    • Custom Skybox.
    • Localization: English and Chinese Simplified (简体中文).
    • Compatibility for Distant Object Enhancement.
    • Kopernicus Expansions are pre-bundled from now on.
    • Other minor changes.
  • January 22, 2022: Alpha 1.05
    • Noyreg planet texture revamp.
    • All biome maps finished except Rouqea.
    • Icons for every celestial body.
    • Some bug fixed.
  • January 14, 2022: Alpha 1.04
    • Add a planet: Iomena, a rocky planet with oceans and large craters.
    • Add a star: Maelg, an L-type brown dwarf star orbiting lonely around the blackhole.
    • New star textures.
    • New sunflares. 
    • Add sunflares for players without scatterer.
    • Some biome maps.
    • Arorua planet texture revamp.
    • Wormholes can be disabled in settings.
    • Reduced the mass of Kcalbeloh.
    • Some adjustments on orbits.
    • Other minor adjustments or fixes.
  • December 10, 2021: Alpha 1.02
    • Some changes of orbits considering orbit stability.
    • [WIP] Aurora for most planets.
    • Add a pair of wormholes connecting stock system and Sunorc system.
  • November 28, 2021: Alpha 1.01
    • Update scatterer atmosphere config for newest scatterer version.
    • Suluco partly revamp.
    • Ahtpan partly revamp.
    • Noi revamp.
    • Add a ring to Sera.
    • Temporarily remove aurora of Arorua. It will be revamped in the future.
  • October 31, 2021:
    • Add a new moon Noira: A moon with a giant grater and retrograde orbit around Simetra.
    • Add an new asteroid Noi orbiting closely around Simeht.
    • Ahtpan PQS mods.
    • Sera PQS mods.
  • October 24, 2021:
    • Add a new moon Elad: A moon of Aciore with a similar size and mass to Tylo.
    • Detail texture for Aciore's clouds.
    • New cloud map for Noyreg. 
  • October 18, 2021:
    • Add a new moon Norihc: An Icy moon with very thin atmosphere.
    • Add a new moon Noyreg: A rocky moon with a very thick atmosphere, which looks green due to chlorine.
  • September 26, 2021:
    • Add a new planet Uleg: A cold planet covered by ice orbting around Kcalbeloh.
    • WIP: Efil terrain details (PQS Mods).
  • September 20, 2021:
    • Replace Sulpma with Simetra-Simeht binary gas giant system.
    • Rename some celestial bodies:
      • Silos -> Sunorc
      • Sidnarg -> Sedah
  • September 12, 2021:
    • Suluco terrain details (PQS Mods).
  • September 7, 2021:
    • Home switch option for Efil and Suluco. (KSC can be moved to Efil or Suluco) 
  • August 15, 2021:
    • Aciore texture revamped.
    • Suluco ground texture.
    • Add a new planet Ahtpan: a desert planet orbiting around Aralc System with naphtha oceans.
  • August 7, 2021:
    • Suluco ice caps revamped.
    • Add a new asteroid-like moon of Suluco: Tot
    • Rename Sucsibih to Sera.
    • Add a new moon of Sera: Dipuc
  • August 1, 2021:
    • Anneheg revamp: Completely remake the texture and moving the orbit near Aralc-A.
    • Add a new asteroid-like moon of Aciore: Enots
    • Aciore ring revamp.
    • Normal maps revamp for most planets.
  • July 22, 2021:
    • Add a new planet: Anneheg.
    • Aciore texture revamped.
  • July 19, 2021:
    •  Add a new gas giant: Sulpma.
    • Global bright aurora for Arorua.
    • No need for Sigma Binary anymore.
  • July 12, 2021: Forum thread posted.



Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0


Edited by Jason Kerman
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Updated on July 19, 2021:


- Add a new gas giant: Sulpma


- Global bright aurora for Arorua



- No need for Sigma Binary


Added a roughly plan:

On 7/12/2021 at 12:15 AM, Jason Kerman said:

1. Add more planets.

2. Add moons to the planets.

3. Alpha Release. (Download will be available)

4. Terrain Texture for all planets and moons.

5. Add asteroids. 

6. Biomaps.

7. Beta Release.

8. Parallax compatibility

9. Compatibility with some other mods

10. Other minor issues


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On 8/1/2021 at 1:16 PM, Jason Kerman said:

Updated on August 1, 2021:

  Hide contents
  • Anneheg revamped: Completely remake the texture and moving the orbit near Aralc-A.



  • Add a new asteroid-like moon of Aciore: Enots



  • Aciore ring revamp.


  • Normal maps revamp for most planets.



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3 hours ago, Souptime said:

I dont care if i have to suffer the pain of 0.1 FPS, we NEED this mod

It's not the matter of FPS. Some part of it are unfinished so it looks terrible at some places.

2 hours ago, TRAPPIST-1E said:

Can you show us the positioning of the stars? it looks like the systems are really close to the black hole


Semi-major axis of Aralc System: 3.262*10^11 m

Semi-major axis of Silos: 9.1788*10^11 m

Radius of Kcalbeloh: 7*10^9 m

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