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[WIP] [1.12.x] Kcalbeloh System Planet Pack (Alpha 1.05) - Traveling Near a Blackhole (Jan 22, 2022)

Jason Kerman

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16 hours ago, Jason Kerman said:
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  1. Folders and files in GameData:
  2. KcalbelohSystem
  3. Kopernicus
  4. KopernicusExpansion
  5. Singularity
  6. Stock folder: Squad
  8. Stock folder: SquadExpansion

Thanks! It seems ModularFlightIntegrator is missing, which is part of Kopernicus. Can you put this folder in and see if the issure is fixed?

It did not seem to work. Here are the most recent logs: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1asQs3qKvBdQLxUUurdxXgW9UyJKtVkQF?usp=sharing

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31 minutes ago, Jason Kerman said:

Do you have ModuleManager in your GameData folder? I noticed your module manager log is generated on Dec 1st but others are generated on Dec 2nd.


I added the new singularity and ModuleManager and it seems to work. However, it still cannot find 



(assuming they aren't finished/implemented.) 

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Update on status of issue, solved!
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  • 5 weeks later...

Alpha 1.04 Update:

  • Add a planet: Iomena, a rocky planet with oceans and large craters.
    • Spoiler



  • Add a star: Maelg, an L-type brown dwarf star orbiting lonely around the blackhole.
    • Spoiler


  • New star textures.
    • Spoiler




  • New sunflares. 
    • Spoiler



  • Add sunflares for players without scatterer.
  • Some biome maps.
  • Arorua planet texture revamp.
    • Spoiler



  • Wormholes can be disabled in settings.
  • Reduced the mass of Kcalbeloh.
  • Some adjustments on orbits.
  • Other minor adjustments or fixes.
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