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RSS launch sites 1.11.2 1.12.X Alpha 1.1 NEW LAUNCH SITES!!!!!


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I present to you, RSS launch sites, a mod that currently adds 4 different Places to launch from, currently adding 20+ new runways and luanchpads/landing pads to Real Solar System, it also massively expands the KSC,  I will be adding weekly and monthly updates. My goal is to have 125+ launchsites by the end of development  with fictional and real launchsites 

list of current launch sites


Jfk spaceport

Boca chica

Viper space center/Wallops placeholder

New mexico spaceport 


Mojave air and space port 

Corn ranch blue origin launch site


1.2 Alpha list of upcoming launchsites and improvements: COMING AT THE END OF THE MONTH 

Quality improvements for all launchsites

.adds new launchsites

Antartica base

Area 51

Vandeberg airfoce base 

Jfk airport

Ficational space x launch center 

[Download link removed by moderator]


Requires Real solar system 
And RSS textues 



RSS EVO is highly recommended





Very large KSC addon, Adds 10+ launchsites, including 2 more runways


Extended KSC






Boca Chica, will be updated in next version, adds 2 launchpads, updated version will have 5 launchpads



New Mexico Spaceport America, adds 1 runway and 3 launchpads


 Wallops, is sorta a placeholder for now until i update the design a bit


Kennedy Spaceport, adds 3 runways



ksc trees 


Mojave air and space port 



Corn launch site, blue origin launch site



baikonur cosmodrome



Spoiler for next update (1.2) in a few days

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Hello @YeaiMakeMods, and welcome to the forums!

Moving to Add-on Development, since you've indicated this is a work in progress and we're guessing you'd like it there.  If it's playable and you'd prefer it to be in Add-on Releases, just let us know and we're happy to move it there for you.  :)

FYI, please see the following:


TL;DR is that there are some rules to follow when posting anything for download.  From looking at your post above, the one thing I'm seeing that appears to be missing is a license.  From your SpaceDock page, it looks like you've chosen MIT, so all you need to do to the above post is to add a comment "License:  MIT" anywhere and you're good.  ;)

Per the rules, please also ensure that your downloadable .zip file contains a LICENSE file that has the full text of your license (e.g. MIT) with all the legalese and everything.

Thanks for joining the KSP modding community!

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