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Game broken, cant build or functionally do anything after the bug hits



      (I am playing a up to date install with both dlcs.) When I go into the VAB I can place a few parts then the game goes broken.  The first time I can place down 2 parts, then I select a third part but the snap joints disappear without a trace, so i press down again to drop the part, and then I cant interact with it in any way.  I get another part to see if that was just a 1 time glitch, but it turns out no,  so I try to throw it away, but it hovers over the first dropped parts and it duplicates again and again, totally breaking all functionality. I cant launch or save or exit, the only thing I can do is make more parts that will inevitably duplicate, so I use alt + F4, and I re-install KSP. 

      The next time it seems to be going ok, until I begin to build the second stage. It then instantly glitches again ( except for the hover duplication glitch) and so I alt + F4 again.

      What should I do to fix it, if it can be fixed? (IDK how to upload photos so if you who sees this knows how, please do tell)






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