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Nate's background


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We're all very happy that Nate Simpson is the creative director for KSP2. Kerbonauts would want nothing less than a genuine fan beating the drum to turn a sequel into a passionate continuation of the original. 

But I'm curious if there's any infusion of the game with elements or design choices informed by his previous experience. This isn't his first rodeo, he's been a director before. I'm wondering what sort of things in his career are making him confident that this sort of gameplay decision or that sort of UX element are solid choices. 

Or is answering that kind of thing just implicit from the direction we're seeing in all the teasers? Maybe I'm just not satisfied with seeing his resume on LinkedIn. I'd like to talk about his previous games a bit.

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Perhaps members of Intercept (either including or specifically Nate) could do an official Reddit, Twitch KSP-TV or KSP Discord AMA session at some point?

Have a pre-thread where people can submit questions, which are parsed/moderated/collated to avoid live-thread internet insanity/trolling.  Leave some space/time for live-prompted questions, or have other team members also answering in the thread as-is/when-is possible

I imagine there's a lot of pressure on their time for development but hopefully they could get some time for some community outreach, maybe the community manager/s could swing something that works for them in lieu of other in-person events which have been forgone due to the current global situation?

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I'd say its implicit. 

It would be really awkward to get anything except something along the lines of "my team and I believe this is the best choice". Its not like Nate will put someone else under the bus if it doesn't work out later. Or say "this UI SUCKS" for the product he is helping create. Nor could I see him take specific credit for a specific direction or decision, as its a team effort not a 1 man project. 

I think the information/interviews he's given where he more or less gives his background and experience with the game itself is enough. There could be more info dished out later, but I personally would like to hear their experience building this game, rather than past games. This would only come out closer/after release, hard to talk about a games development when the game is under development, since it isn't done and things can change later.



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