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SAS seems to be non existent or broken since last update.



For about a month or more, I'm finding a lot of my rockets nearly un-flyable even though the pilots are level 2 or higher.  Even though they have SAS engaged, there is Constant Roll.... I've tried adding reaction wheels, level 3 pilots, using flight trim with Alt+Q/E to no avail.  SAS simply doesn't seem to work on ships I've been flying for 6 months in real time and years in Kerbal time.

Suddenly, I now have no functioning SAS when attempting to dock or maneuver.  I'm either rolling or it won't even hold a direction like prograde.
Is there something in the 10th anniversary patch/update that broke it?

I've checked reddit for Kerbal Space Academy and see no relevant information.  I'm Aithiopis there.

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I feel so stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is NOT a bug.  This is USER ERROR!  If you want to read the details I'll list them, but the bottom line is check your joystick and other controllers for proper calibration!

So a month ago when they opened up all the DLC for free for the 10th anniversary (I already had bought them), I also got some mission to fly an airplane and I think do some temp measurements around Kerbin.  After having difficulty (probably bad design, I don't have a lot of airplane tech) getting into flight using mouse and keyboard, I found a USB Joystick Attack 3 and boom wonder of wonders, I could fly pretty well with it.  It kept rolling it but I trimmed the issue out of existence for flying that particular plane.

The problem is, I never calibrated the joystick.  So from then on, every rocket I had made, and every ship in orbit, and every satellite from then on had a constant roll.  I tried to trim the issue thinking it was problem with the patch, it was NOT, it was the joystick.  When I launched a new satellite... on the launching pad SAS was suddenly in constant circular arrow icon rather than stable SAS icon, I began to realize I've got something giving input when I haven't touched a key on the launch pad!  Calibrated my joystick and the game is now back to the SAS you expect.  Point in a direction and it will stabilize using whatever reaction wheels and pilots or probes on board.

Sorry I raised the alarm but the bizarre coincidence led me to, and now I'll just unplug the joystick until I have another plane mission again.

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