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An interesting use for MechJeb...?


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   As a one-time fan of the ProbeControlroom (which has not aged well with its dependencies) I have discovered an arrangement with Stock and MJ that facilitates running a telemetry/camera unmanned style mission by conducting the majority of the mission in map mode with mechJeb screens open for needed flight data.  Docking camera/VDS hull camera mods add to the MJ camera.  Accessing the camera views by action groups produce a loss of the map view so I open them by going back to flight view and using the PAWS.  The window persists when switching back to the map view.  It seems less resource using than PCR and its IVA trick to be in the control room and also its need for RPM and other older mods.  With only a instances it allows an informational only way to simulate an unmanned mission using action groups or MJ auto features to manage the mission.
    I thought about posting it here in case this has not occurred to some.  I also wish to raise the question, could MJ be updated to make this a feature?  It would use Stock map screen instead of additional needed assets.  Expanding a few more MJ camera styles could reduce dependencies. The ability to preset MJ info screen arrangements would quicken setting up the screens needed, I.E. a launch config, a landing config, an orbital burn, an re-entry config...etc.
   Interesting idea or not?

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