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[Early WIP] KIP Systems - A Galaxy Mod

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Project Pile turns to Galaxy Mod


8 months ago, I set out to create an ambitious project known as Trilogy, to which I became very burnt out creating. As an escape from working on the same thing daily, I created Flamed Out, which became my first released mod. After that I began creating new projects and announcing them near daily. It began to get repetitive. Start a new project, cancel a project. Everything fell through. I took a break for a couple weeks. And in an attempt to streamline, I present to you; KIP Systems. My take on a GU style mod.



Now, you may be wondering; Where did the name KIP Systems come from?
The original star name for Trilogy was KIP-2995, a kerbalized version of the HIP name classification for stars. This caught on and eventually became what you see today.

"First Look"/Teaser:


The Roadmap




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Labyrinth - Walkmann AC (Alpha Centauri AC)

19 hours ago, Cyrus Playz said:

Will it have any moons? Also will you just name the stars after what they are irl?

Everything can be answered on the Roadmap doc

18 hours ago, Weak Player said:

please make it darker its wayy too light cyan 

Again, its meant to be a Uranus-like planet

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14 minutes ago, Heliocentric said:

Desert world with so much oxygen that it's toxic, spotted with chlorine lakes infested with exotic algae 

Thats realy rare lol

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