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What is your favorite way to play ksp?

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I mostly play in sandbox, both modded and stock, my favorite thing to do is to land on, and explore planets, although I am capable of sending spacecraft to the planets, moons, and in some cases stars I want to go to, I find the challenge annoying, so, I usually, (somewhat shamefully:rolleyes:) use the cheat menu to put them in orbit around the planet/moon I want to explore, from there I land them, although I occasionally challenge myself to do a full mission from kerbin, I especially enjoy doing suborbital spaceplane missions, like the x15 or virgin galactic's spaceship 2. Anyways that's just me, and I'd love to hear what you like doing in ksp, how you play it, and other things about the way you like to play ksp. :)

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I like to play in modded career mode. Even though it's lacking and incomplete, it still gives me a sense of progression. I like the future tech series of mods to keep my game going.

So far all of my games have followed a similar pattern, lko, airplanes, mun and minmas, station, duna, station, then random bodies based on contracts from there. Once I reach Eeloo with a space station I start a new save and so far have not done the exact same thing twice nor have I had the exact same design twice. Although I am sure they must be similar.

The latest go around had me exploring oceans, which is new for me. Not yet to Laythe but current save is on hold.


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I play both career and sandbox. The only mods i use are of visual nature (clouds, shaders and such things).

I very much like well planned missions with conscientious tested vehicles and spending time on putting craft through all kind of tests is one of my most favorite parts of playing KSP.

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Long time I don´t play those long hours on the weekend but...

Career mode, heavily modded install. OPM, RemoteTech (I love the idea of dealing with signal delay) USI.. all that jazz. I love to build Bases and Stations on Kerbin Poles, Minmus and Mun. Then go to Duna to do the same. At that point a new version of KSP comes out "yay, a new feature. I should try that" and... Well, let´s say I start all over again. 

Now I am about to take a break from work and I´m installing 1.7 since It has all the mods I want. I will miss some of the awesome features on 1.12, but I prefer to have all the mods. Anyway, I was playing without them  before




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