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may the strongest signal win!

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we should have some sort of mechanic where the strongest relay on an object will give control to the dominating player, it would be easy to avoid since you could just make an automated craft but I think it'd be fun to spam networks everywhere and mess with players, but it'd take a lot of resources tho so it would be uses rarely on MINIGAMES not casual

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Honestly, I still hope we get some sort of a visual scripting system, kind of similar to how the mission builder works in Making History expansion, but with a bit more capability, and possibly being able to run custom scripts on specific ships - like maybe via a special part. That would let you build any ideas like the above into a series of custom scripts for whatever minigames you want.

Making these an integral part of a game would also allow sharing scripts like that via workshop and then you wouldn't need to make sure everyone has particular mod installed before joining in. It can all be automatically shared from the server.

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