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[WIP] Future Technologies Expansion - Alpha Release!


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Future Technologies Expansion

This mod series introduces new futuristic parts that expand the options of the mid-late game techtree. Right now there is one small mod ready and a larger one nearing imminent release.

The core principles behind this are:

  1. Aesthetics that don't look too out of place next to restock-quality parts 
  2. Gameplay benefiting from various other mods including CTT and SystemHeat
  3. Fitting in and expanding on features and part rosters from other mods, mainly Nertea's outstanding PKMC mod suite which inspired this project

Frontier Aeronautics

[Version 0.3 - first public release - July 26, 2021]

First mod in the series (and currently the only one released) this introduces the J-F755 'Petrel' - a 3.75m bimodal fusion thermal jet. This large engine is best used in late game SSTO designs for use on any atmospheric planet.

Pictures and notes:


Testing a simple SSTO design using the Petrel (pardon the bad graphics settings):



Test stand pictures and brief notes for use with FFT&SH (recommended mods):

Air breathing mode. This requires fewer radiators (just the small one on seen below the engine) and works in any atmosphere. Starting up the engine requires charging the internal MCF reactor with a large amount of electricity. Only a tiny trickle of fusion fuels is required to keep the reactor active.


Closed-cycle mode: runs on LH2 and requires all of the radiators in the picture (on spaceplanes these can be put on wings or, if realism is less of a concern, in a corgo bay where they won't create drag).


Basically this is a mix between the Pr Eeloo bimodal NTJ from Near Future Aeronautics and the fusion engines from Far Future Tech by Nertea.

See this small mission report for more pics and ramblings: 


Current Features:


-3.75m bimodal fusion NTJ. See previous section for usage notes.

Planned Features:


- A compact 1.25m fission NTJ

-3.75m spaceplane cockpit

-Optional patches to etend similar mechanics to NTJs from various other mods

-Textures Unlimited Recolor Depot compatibility

- Localizations

Dependencies (required to run):

  • Module Manager
  • CommunityResourcePack
  • Waterfall - to be moved to recommended section soon, currently running the mod without it will lead to NREs)

Recommended mods (for full intended gameplay - highly recommended):

  • CommunityTechTree
  • Far Future Technologies
  • Heat Control


Known Issues:

  • Harmless NRE when adding fusion jet in editor when the FFT compatability patch is active

All models and textures are under the All Rights Reserved License; all cfg and dll files are under the MIT License.


Metallic Hydrogen Rocketry

[WIP, release inbound soon]

This second mod in the series introduces a selection of mid-game level engines that use metastable metallic hydrogen to acheive performance similar to nuclear thermal rockets. Most require a mixture of mH and liquid hydrogen and radiators if SystemHeat is installed.




Planned Features:

  • NM-11 "Weir" Metallic Hydrogen Aerospike - entry level engine with ok efficiency but good high-pressure performance and thrust
  • ND-59 "Herbert" Metallic Hydrogen Engine - general use engine with two mixing ratio modes 
  • NE-11 "Corey" Metallic Hydrogen Engine - advanced vacuum-only engine with great efficiency
  • A series of 2.5m and 1.875m metallic hydrogen fuel tanks
  • A large ISRU part for producing the mH from liquid hydrogen 


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57 minutes ago, theJesuit said:



But seriously nice work!  Will there be a fusion reactor too?


Thanks! The fusion NTJ engine can generate a bit of power if FFT is installed, and that mod has 2 fusion reactors meant for generating a ton of EC.

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