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This is my attempt to blog a my science mode gameplay with Kerbal Space Program. The game is STOCK with both DLC'S and mods Kerbal Engeneer Redux and Mechjeb 2 for extra help. 


Mod List:

Squad by @SQUAD

SquadExpansion by @SQUAD

Mechjeb 2 by @sarbian

Kerbal Engeneer Redux by @cybutek and @jrbudda

Camera Tools continued by @BahamutoD, jrodvig and Brett_Ryland 

Extra notes

- In the text i will use the Kerbal calendar discussed in this link.

- I have installed also the mod Scansat but i will not use that.


Chapter 1: The Begin 

Zarjia 1, Kerbol 1st, Y1 

The first mission carried Jebediah in a 14 km-high trip on the " Zarja ", a simple rocket made of a capsule and under that a Flea SRB who pushed Jeb high up in the sky, returning back with a 26 science loot. 


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Zarjia 2, Kerbol 1st Y1

After some minutes from the landing of Zarjia 1 ( lol, kerbal loves space they can fly twice in 10 mins) Jebediah bords the upgraded Zarjia 2, for reach space for the first time. The first SRB " Hammer Stage " kicks in 5 G of acceleration and after 2 minutes of ascent the seconds stage shuts down. 


Max apogee is reached at 73 km. After some minutes in 0 G the veichles reentrys the atmosphere and splashes down in the ocean with a loot of 50 science points.


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For gaining enough science for unlock the Science Jr. (for gaining science in space) during the first orbital fligth, the Sampler, a capsule powered by a Hammer SRB and with all of my available science instruments. They are 2 launches (both piloted by Bob Kerman) one from Woomerang and one from the Dessert Launch Site.


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