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[March 2nd, 2022 ] Wabi Sabi Planet Mod


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Wabi Sabi - Perfect Imperfection


The Overview:

 Wabi-Sabi. A word that has held prevalence in Japanese culture for centuries. A word that holds so much meaning and depth, it lacks a proper translation into English. It means the acceptance of transience and imperfection, and appreciation of beauty that is imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete in nature. Wabi-Sabi holds an appreciation of both natural objects and forces of nature, appreciating austerity, modesty, intimacy, asymmetry and roughness. Our planets easily fit this brand. Instead of embracing perfect spheres, habitable planets, perfect and balanced solar systems, we have a different unique approach. Each of our bodies has something unique to offer. In this mod, you won't cheat orbit around each body, or just observe from afar in tracking station, but be motivated to say "I want to go there for myself", and furthermore, "I want to stay here and keep coming back". Planets are unique experiences. They shouldn't be one off screenshot generators, but full of worth, value, and creativity blended with realism. Everything from a super-kerbin with exotic ammonia based life, to a lonely vacuum planet should have a relatively similar amount of value and unique content. If you want solar systems crammed with content, uniquely hand crafted planets, with plenty of gameplay, offering new challenges and reasons to explore, then this is it. Quality > quantity. No filler. In-depth lore and story that will send you on an odyssey spanning the small cluster of stars you find yourself in, somewhere between galaxies. Coming soon™️




This list is not complete, and compatibility will be added!

Visual based

Eve-Redux: Performance-enhanced Evebuild  


Sigma Replacements: Skybox

Distant Object Enhancement Continued

Singularity Black Hole Shaders (May cause lag/other issues!)



BetterTimeWarpContinued (trust me you want this)


Planet mods


Outer Planets Mod

Strange New Worlds

Testing ongoing.




Alcubierre Warp Drive (Standalone)

Blueshift: Kerbal FTL

KSP Interstellar Extended

Interstellar Technologies - A KSPI-E Expansion



Kopernicus and its dependencies [required for planet functionality]





Other visual mods (AVP,SVT,SVE,)

Testing ongoing.




(Check back occasionally, I will be updating this! Also also, stuff is heavy WIP so it might not be great as of now, please be nice lol)

@Bendy SnowballCo-Developer, PR work,  Director, Management, etc.

@ballisticfox0 EVE help


@bobjonesisthebest:D Sciencedefs


@Caps Lock Sunflare

The Kopernicus Discord Server - Being a great help to me. I can't list all the names individually, but thanks

 @TheOrios  system help/making, concepting

@KerbinSphere Part making/modelling

@Jason Kerman Their pole spike fixing python script

@R-T-B Maintaining Kopernicus

@TheProtagonists While their textures are no longer in use, I just think they are cool :) 

@RJVB09 Lightcurve Calculator

@OhioBobAtmosphere calculator

@JadeOfMaar System maps









Soon ;)

This mod is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND. Any reuse of my/Wabi-Sabi team's assets is strictly forbidden.

Contact me at smushanoob#4556 or the discord server if you have questions about the mod.

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On 8/7/2021 at 5:28 AM, Cyrus Playz said:

very cool

Thanks :)


Trappist 1e "Aphus"

Homeswitch option, Temperate, Lacustrine, Safe to breathe atmosphere being similar to Kerbin's

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8 hours ago, Cyrus Playz said:

Also very beautiful, this has a lot of potential already, Also if you are going to do star systems that are completely unrelated to Homeworld mod lore, then why don't you split this off into its own thing instead of making it an expansion pack?

It sortof is already at this point.

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Some of you may think that GU and KS are similar, that they are. However, both of which are based off of real life concepts (see Trappist 1 example), meaning I don't really believe I'm making a GU knockoff. 

Just wanted to get this out here, heres a screenshot for the trouble.


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