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[March 2nd, 2022 ] Wabi Sabi Planet Mod


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14 hours ago, TRAPPIST-1E said:


Btw, I really like how the mountains and hills seem to almost lean away from the sun, like they were blasted backwards

Maybe :)

It's still evolving...there is more and more being posted in our discord

5 hours ago, ffx said:

said that its Lun but it probaly isnt

Lun is in a barycenter with the Mun


This is not the Mun or Lun...

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15 hours ago, Bendy Snowball said:


not saying you're wrong but I'm also not saying you're right

ok. i'll wait and see

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Hey what's up everyone?

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I can't believe its already 2022. That is absolutely insane to me.

Anyways, I'm here to update you all that we need some new fresh talent to help with Wabi Sabi. I know a few of you are following development closely and would maybe like the chance to leave your own contributions or mark on the mod.

We are specifically looking for people who:

  • Bring fresh new concepts to the table
  • Believe that every single body holds an opportunity
  • No filler, only high quality content
  • LOVE science
  • Have some knowledge or ability to create and work on add-ons for the mod to add some cool functions to the mod.
  • Relatively active (however if you make large contributions and then go radio silent for a while that's fine too lol)

For now have a fresh link to the Wabi-Sabi discord server, and a link to the application form. Hope to talk to some of you soon!




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2 hours ago, siklidkid said:

What mods do you use for the visuals? like the water, the sand, the reflection

Oh wait it's art i'm silly :sticktongue:

Just a teaser concept art that may allow yourself to potentially figure out or think about the planet concept :)

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a planet coming soon near you...

follow the breadcrumbs because I'll be slowly revealing concepts over the course of the next few weeks

Also, announcement about the Question and Answer with Devs on our official discord...

That is taking place THIS weekend, so if you don't want to miss out on some information we will be discussing in a stage channel and answering questions then go to our front page here on the KSP forum and join our discord! We'd be happy to have you! (also we post a lot more concept art, in game planets, ideas, etc and are much more active on there than on these forums!)

Images exclusive to the discord server such as: :) so why not join?


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Good news! We have been working on Duna and the Jool system as of late, and have made plenty of progress on the bodies!

You also might have noticed the new color maps on bodies. Well, we decided after attempting to make a really interesting Laythe that the color mapping technique we had previously been using didn't cut it. 

So, we now have a color mapping 2.0 method, and now bodies are going to look extremely realistic, yet amazing simultaneously. 

Duna with its glorious 8k height map:


New Wabi Sabi banner: (made by smusha)


Hmmmmm...what's this? Could it have any relation to the body that smusha previously posted?


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