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[1.8.x - 1.12.x] SimpleRepaint: Universal, simple and lightweight parts recoloring


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On 12/1/2021 at 11:24 PM, AtomicTech said:

Question, how can I use this mod's power so I can recolor parts via MM config?

Could you be more specific?
Actually, this mod is an MM config (bunch of configs, actually), but the color switching itself is implemented by B9PartSwitch.

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Awesome mod! Bump so more people know about this.


Comparing to textures unlimited m TURD, there are some disadvantages, like no material customization (reflection/metal) but with more advantages, like two-button color switching (huge time saver) and the possibility to paint unconfigured parts for textures unlimited, like wings, or even science parts. Nice mod.

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