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Seeking small YouTubers for a laid back KSP multiplayer series


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Way back in 2014, HOCGaming, Chickenkeeper, and EnterElysium created an entertaining series using Dark Multiplayer, where they did many things, ranging from building a Mun base to racing different craft to the island airport. It was quite entertaining, however they stopped the series because multiplayer technology of the time was not very stable.


Now I haven't exactly checked, but now that it is seven years later, I'm guessing the multiplayer mods have improved somewhat. I'm looking to make something similar to that series, having 3-5 KSP YouTubers hang out and complete KSP challenges, with each episode being under an hour.

If you are a small YouTuber and want to participate, please let me know! The goal is to make this a weekly thing, maybe with a varying cast depending on who can make it that week if there is enough interest. I'm not going to put hard upper or lower bounds on what a "small" YouTuber is, but basically as long as you have a decent mic, KSP experience, and a YouTube channel, you are probably good to participate (for comparison I'm at about 300 subs).

I don't know when this will start, but there will be a test session first to make sure everything is feasible. The only other big things I can think of are sorting out who will do the hosting, how to do the hosting, and which of the two existing multiplayer mods we should use (DMP vs LMP). I might not be able to host depending on the restrictions of my college's internet. If you have any insight as to the pros and cons of each mod, please let me know as it has been a while since I have tried them out!

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