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Assistance for Custom IVA Creation with ASET Props


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So I am a complete modding novice. I have never touched a 3D game engine, I don't know the first thing about C++ or C#, and I've never created a KSP mod in my life, but I would like to task myself with creating a new custom IVA for some of the Endurance Mod  command pods, more specifically; I would like to create new interactive IVA's for the command pods using ASET props.

I noticed that when you download ASET props and all the other dependencies, the interactive RPM cockpits for the ships such as the lander, ranger, and Endurance Command Module do not work anymore for any of the interiors, and I would like to create new ASET IVA's for them. However, all the articles that I've look at which try and tell me how to get into modding are 5+ years old, and furthermore, none of them are specific towards ASET props. I know there is a link on the original site but that link does not work anymore.

If anyone has any assistance in to helping me get started with using ASET props in creating custom IVA's it would be greatly appreciated :)

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