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Is something wrong with this contract?



I am playing in career mode, and there is a contract called Complete the MunRally. Don’t know if it’s the same for everyone but for me I need to fly by gilly, duna, mun, and eve in one rocket. I first flew by mun, then I was going to fly by eve, then gilly and finally duna. When flying by mun I started to orbit the sun and my only thought was to get to eve from there. Okay so fly by mun is done, check. Put my maneuver up, then messed around with it to get an encounter with eve. I got one and all I had to do was wait. Time warping to make things faster, suddenly fly by mun showed up as uncompleted but how come? I flew by the mun already. This isn’t really a big deal though since I could fly by mun last. But then the same thing happened when fly by gilly and fly by eve was finished, both showed up as uncompleted as soon as I started to orbit the sun and then time warping a bit! Why!? 

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I believe the green check-marks only appear while the condition is currently true.  So as soon as your vessel is no longer in a fly-by of Mun condition, the check will disappear.  The same should happen at each of the other SOIs you fly by.

The game will still keep track of the bodies you have flown by though, and after completing the last one the contract should complete.  If not, please report back.

Edit to add:

I think the reason for this behavior is because some contracts require multiple criteria to be met all at once.  For example, a parts test contract which requires the part to be tested at a certain speed and a certain altitude.  In that case you need all requirements to be met at the same time.  Obviously that is not the case for tour contracts, it would be difficult to be in a fly-by of Mun and Gilly at the same time.  So I believe this is the intended behavior of the game.  
But I do see how this could be confusing.

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