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[1.12.x] PALETTE - A set of TUFX profiles for KSP - v2.0.1


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This is PALETTE.


A set of customized, TUFX-based color profiles for KSP to spice up your game's visuals. This is a continuation/expansion/replacement of my original mod, the KASA Flag Pack and TUFX Profile.



There are 7 profiles in total. They are:

  • Orbit: The mod's new standard profile. It has a bluish tone and bright lighting. A map-friendly version is included as "Orbit_Map".
  • Kerbosawa Mode: A black-and-white profile meant to emulate Ghost of Tsushima's Kurosawa Mode.
  • Heisenberg: A gritty, yellowish tone based on Breaking Bad.
  • Ellie: A dark, gritty tone based on The Last of Us Part II
  • Clarity: A more color-neutral tone, akin to stock KSP.
  • Matt Damon: A very red tone, based on The Martian. Best used on Duna.
  • The original mod's color profile is now included as "Emilius_Old"



  1. Download and install TUFX.
  2. After downloading PALETTE, move the "Palette_TUFX.cfg" file to any place in your GameData folder.
  3. Enjoy!




KASA testing its new drone for exploring Eve. (Orbit)



Ellen Kerman on EVA outside the Mun Base Camp. (Orbit)



The Space Shuttle Pathfinder on its final mission before retirement. (Kerbosawa Mode)



A cargo Starship leaving Laythe orbit. (Ellie)



A cargo Starship entering Duna's atmosphere. (Matt Damon)



An outside view of Duna Base Camp. (Heisenberg)


It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that PALETTE be used in conjunction with other visual-enhancing mods. The demo screenshots were taken with EVE Redux, Scatterer, Planetshine, Distant Object, JNSQ and Waterfall.



v2.0.1, 20 August, 2021

Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

License TLDR: You are free to share, copy, modify, and redistribute this mod as long as you credit the original author (in this case, me). It CANNOT be used for commercial purposes.

Also join my Discord!



v2.0.1 (20/08/2021) - Added license document

v2.0 (20/08/2021) - Added 6 new profiles: Orbit, KerbosawaMode, Heisenberg, Ellie, Clarity and MattDamon.

v1.0 (20/04/2021) - Initial release (as "KASA Flag Pack and TUFX Profile")


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On 8/27/2021 at 4:48 PM, SpaceX_Boi said:


How is this mod supposed to be installed?

It doesn't look like a casual KSP mod...


If I am stupid let me know, I just want to know how to install this :P 

Nevermind, I installed it on my own. :)



Sorry that I am a little late, but, THIS MOD IS AMAZING!!!111 :D:D:D 

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21 hours ago, SpaceX_Boi said:

Nevermind, I installed it on my own. :)



Sorry that I am a little late, but, THIS MOD IS AMAZING!!!111 :D:D:D 

Actually, it might be a good idea to include install instructions in the OP haha

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