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KSP2 and logic

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Inspired by a conversation on the Reddit, I thought it would be helpful to share my comment here to open up the debate to community members of this forum.

The thread was started by Tom Vinita and was about part modules.

Here was my comment from there:


A discussion of part modules should, for me, include discussion about permitting interaction. Specifically I would like to see:

* All scientific parts having a "monitor" function to allow a KAL logic tests of their particular function to be "armed": e.g. if temperature > value then...; if pressure > value then... etc. This would allow interesting functionality beyond simple parachute deployment on re-entry.

* Lights or solar panels having a secondary function of "report value" of light shining in them, which could result in e.g. doors which open when a torch is shone on them; solar panel mounts (not just the panels themselves) which can be made to orient toward (or away from) the sun.

* Wheels or landing legs which can be used to "weigh" objects.


What do community members here think? Is there a wider debate to be had on space engineer / Minecraft like functionality regarding part interaction? Or is that an unnecessary distraction for a team already under the kosh trying to build a project under too much time pressure...

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6 hours ago, MrLake said:

couple years down the line.

Why this long?

It sounds like it would be about enabling readouts from parts as variables to read by KAL or its equivalent. Or just action groups. Something that already partially exists (as mentioned in OP) in parachutes, when they detect pressure and altitude and deploy when they are supposed to.

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So just to add to (and in doing so resurrect)  this somewhat old thread, and point out that I have finally managed to demonstrate Turing-like behaviour in the original KSP (as part of a recent forum challenge) through which it is possible to generate both logic gates and even a binary adding device. While these creations can controlled via action groups and/or KAL priorities in the context menu, there is no way (to my knowledge at least) to create a link between a kerbal's "physical" space which they can interact with back to this "virtual" environment in which calculation can occur, underlining the (to my mind) importance of having some sort of "interactive" part which act as a switch, and then allow us to take the next step up in functionality...

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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