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Soyuz Rocket mod Questions.


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Go to the Soyuz command module file in your parts folder. In that file, you'll see a file called "part.cfg," open it with a word editor (MS Notepad, for instance). Go down to the bottom under where it says // ---Tweakables, and add this:

// --- internal setup ---

CrewCapacity = 3



name = PodCockpit


This will give you this interior of the 2m command pod. (I'm aware the lander is supposed to have 2 crew members, but I think you'll have to wait for community-made interiors before you can do much about this...)

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I believe the last time I saw anything about an N-1 in development was almost exactly a year ago, and one of the people was Nova, so I doubt that went anywhere. :/

Honestly I haven't tinkered around with the replica mods out there, but if it can land on the Mun, it should have about the amount of fuel needed to slingshot around Duna.

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Go to the folder of the fuel tank you want to edit (once again in the "parts" folder), in that fuel tank folder will be yet another "part.cfg," open it just like you did the command pod part.cfg. With the stock game (vanilla) fuel tanks, the fuel is towards the bottom (community-made .cfg (or config file) files don't necessarily have to follow the exact order of the default game configs...). look for:

fuel = (something...it could be fuel = 200.0 or fuel = 4000000.0)

Change the number there. If you're trying to make an infinite fuel part just to see what's out there, I'll save you some effort, just hold Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D, this will open the developer menu, from there you can enable unlimited fuel, rcs, whatever.

Edit: Also, thanks KAO! I haven't seen that before, wasn't aware there was a finished model out there.

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