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Alverro's TUFX Profile


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To put it briefly, here's my TUFX profile. Now, I know what you're thinking-

"oh no, he's just trolling, it's not the real thing"

Well guess what? Here it is, the actual, real, config. 


Here’s what it looks like:

X7a4tKw.png (1920×1080)k9dYfKS.png (1920×1080)v46JsZI.png (1920×1080)



Module Manager



Small side note

Alongside TUFX, I use EVE, Scatterer, JNSQ, Ad Astra, and a whole array of other visual mods to make my game look the way it looks. While these aren’t dependencies, they improve the game’s visuals drastically.




Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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On 10/16/2021 at 4:13 AM, alberro+ said:



Small note, I now have an actual Discord server! If you want to join, the invite link is in the OP

The Discord invite is invalid :(

But I would also like to know what sunflare you're using? The one from Ad Astra has its' edges cut off for some reason:



EDIT: Managed to change the Sunflare by replacing the main 2 .png Ad Astra Sunflare pictures with two .png files from Sunflares of Maar (One of the Galileo Sunflares :D) 


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