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The Gaelan Space Race (we have a winner!)

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2 minutes ago, minerbat said:

the last version of kerbalism science only config i can find is for 1.9.9. do you have a version for 1.12.2 somewhere?


1 minute ago, minerbat said:

yeah but where do i find the kerbalism science mod for 1.12.2?

same for probes before crew

Just install the latest versions; everything works on 1.12.2, I’ve checked.

@Spaceman.Spiff @GuessingEveryDay if Editor Extensions applies autostruts only after you’ve unlocked struts (the same as for applying autostruts yourself) then fine, if not then no.

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3 minutes ago, GuessingEveryDay said:

It isn't automatic, you still have to remember to open up the menu and click on one of the options.

But can you do it before unlocking struts in the tech tree? Applying autostruts by hand can’t be done without unlocking struts, so if EE lets you do that, it’s banned.

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1 hour ago, Spaceman.Spiff said:

It basically just adds some features to the VAB. Among them is the ability to automatically autostrut parts. Mostly just a timesaver. 

Really?  It just spent a few hours balancing my craft so it didn't bend an wobble like a pole dancer.  

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1 hour ago, jimmymcgoochie said:

The objectives have been updated to add a bit of clarity- you must now complete a probe landing on Iota before sending any probes to Ceti. @jinnantonix apologies as this contradicts what I said earlier, it was easier to keep all the objectives for each moon together.


hythothetical scenario. i dont know if it will come to that but better to make sure beforehand: i launch a probe to Iota flyby/impact or something. i then launch a flyby probe to Ceti before soft landing on Iota. I am still allowed to do that for science but in order to complete first Ceti flyby i have to first complete Iota landing and then i have to launch another Ceti flyby mission?

does anyone know where this "tiny basic fin" comes from (not the normal basic fin from stock, but a smaller version of it). i have all the mods in the required list + KER + all the visual mods but nothing else

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15 minutes ago, jimmymcgoochie said:

The tiny basic fin comes from Probes Before Crew

interesting, i thought that mod only changed the tech tree and didnt add any actual parts. does it add anything else or is that the only thing? and am i allowed to use the board computer from KER?

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For Greebfap!

Hello, we have successfully launched Greebfap 1!

It has completed a 110km launch, our scientists and engineers do not know why it made it to ~110 km, when it only had 2,896 deltaV.


On the launch pad, awaiting launch.


Greebfap I liftoffs at UT+00:00:18!


Is it supposed to do that? Well, we passed the 5 km mark at UT+00:00:41-ish.




On our way down! We passed the Kérman line some time back at UT+00:01:51...


Why is the KSC floating now?

Not sure what happened there. But I completed the first two objectives. *celebratory greebfap*

Objectives achieved:

  • Broke 5km AGL at UT+00:00:41 seconds.
  • Kérman line broken at UT+00:01:51 seconds.
Edited by GuessingEveryDay
Editing to clarify objectives completed.
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Unfortunately I probably won't participate. Ping me right before sign up ends just in case I change my mind, but when I first showed interest I thought it would be a fun way to kill time over the summer, but now I'm in college and participating in a different KSP multiplayer thing. Good luck to you all!

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