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[1.10] Headlines v0.5-beta - Reputation and crewmember careers for RP1 (Sept 20th 2021)


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In development, but fully featured.

Headlines models the reputation aspect of the space race, and follows the careers of your crew members. Hire, fire crew members and let them do their best at the KSC when not flying. Pilots are ideal for public relations, fundraising, talent scouting, and help your program increase in reputation. If the public and government don't understand how great your program's achievements, then you end up celebrating in private as the press won't show. The highest your profile, the better the staff you can recruit.

Scientists lead teams in the R&D complex, and high profile scientist may bring colleagues from abroad to draw the most out of science data. Engineers lead teams in the VAB to make assembly more efficient.

Requires: Realistic Progression 1

KSP version: 1.10 (as per RP1), 1.8 should work ok, but untested. 

Video: Introduction to the UI



Available on CKAN




Photo: ISRO satellite launch: Proud moment for India, 104 satellites placed in orbit

Sample UI:



  • v0.5 - Program Manager and better Media live events.
  • v0.4 - Media Invite logic overhauled into media campaign + live event.
  • v0.3.3 - Hiring cost subsidies to help build larger teams.
  • v0.3.0 - Initial release.
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First off, thank you for making this.  I have watched the video and read the docs and it looks really interesting to me.  I play RP-1 in a story approach trying to build a solid program over time instead of trying to beat my times.  This could really enhance that aspect of my gameplay a lot.

I will be using it and report any issues I see or make comments.  Quick question, do you prefer those comments/issues be put here or in github directly?

Thanks again!

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55 minutes ago, billgarlic said:

I will be using it and report any issues I see or make comments.  Quick question, do you prefer those comments/issues be put here or in github directly?

I'm with you: I want my career to feel like a story rather than a gamey race. I enjoy failures and setbacks if it tells a good story. Managing risks beyond what TestFlight brings makes the story more vivid IMO. I'm finalizing a new version of KerbalRenamer with configurable multi-cultural names, specifically to enhance Headlines (with naming profiles for NASA, CCCP, ESA, ISRO, CNSA). 

I'll be keeping an eye on this thread, but I'm many times a day on Discord as bongotastic (and ubiquitously on the KSP-RO server). I'm really interested in figuring out what makes gameplay more fun, but so far I've been both developing and testing. It is time for others to bring their perspectives. As of now, it is meant to reward players rather than put pressure under them. I expect that the experience will be refined a lot with the input of players thinking alike. KSP/RP1 modding is a ton of fun, if a bit perplexing at times.

For bugs, the best place is to file an issue as I use it as my TODO: https://github.com/bongotastic/Headlines/issues 

My blue-sky ideas (most are actually easy to do) are here: https://github.com/bongotastic/Headlines/wiki/Future-directions  

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Just now, linuxgurugamer said:

Any reason this won't work in stock?  Not everyone wants to play RP-1

I thought about this since the pool of player is in a different scale for Stock. However, I haven't played stock in a long while.

Scientists and Engineers are integrated pretty deeply with the RP1 Kerbal Construction Time (KCT) component. Their main benefit is to lead teams and accelerate/slowdown research or production. This could be disconnected and I've structure my code to isolate RP1 only to where it is necessary.

I'm planning to weave engineers and scientist more closely to RO/RP1 parts and technologies. The stock career would require a rethink. 

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