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What will you name your first interstellar colony ship?


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I would call the first interstellar one Carrack (it is an exploration ship in Star Citizen), which will be sent to Gurdamma to study the early history of Kerbin. But my actual first ship will be "An Useless Junk", a non-interstellar ship, as the first I will do in ksp 2 is recreate this video from 10 years before:  


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The Red October (main daedalus drive ship) joined by the Redneck (lander, also already designed in my imagination, with my favorite name :D) and all the other support craft joining it will have red in their name. (Target destination: if there is one, obviously a red dwarf/giant)

The following interstellar ship will be called the black knight (main ship), joined by the black rat (lander). :D

Hopefully there is a black hole somewhere in there, if not, there needs to be a mod for it.

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On 9/3/2021 at 1:53 AM, Nirgal said:

Artemis? Not yet, should I? ;)

i think he means hail mary

should have read ahead

i might just make something called the hail kary, though...



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im stupid
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Guest The Doodling Astronaut

I can't guarantee this will be it, but I probably will name them in a naming order with the planet name+us


Premier Pufus

Secondary Ruskus


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