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KASA Adventures - A thread for all my missions


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Welcome to KASA Adventures!


This is the thread where I'll post all of my mission reports in my main JNSQ save. At this point I primarily fly using Starship (from Kari's fantastic Starship Expansion Project to be exact), however I used to fly the Space Shuttle from SOCK (I'll post some Shuttle flights "from the archives" here).

First of all, here's everything I have going on as of 4 September 2021:

Mun Base Camp:






Duna Base Camp:



DER Harmony and Capability:


(DER Capability shown)


The Eve Drone Project (currently unnamed):



The Eve/Gilly Expedition:


(A cargo ship making an aerobrake pass over Eve)


If you'd like to be added to the crew, reply to this thread with the name of your Kerbal.

Also join my Discord!

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