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Ballisticfox's Neutral TUFX Config


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This is my first publicly released TUFX config and my first topic on the forums so bare with me here.

This config aims to have a realistic neutral tone without looking blown-out or bland.

Here's what it looks like




Alright you probably get the idea now.


If not here are some more











Looks good in RSS, KSRSS, as of 1.3 stock beyond home, etc look good now!

There are currently 3 configs with HDR variants of each, Cold (The standard config), Warm (A cozier warm config), and Bright (Designed for Lunar expeditions).


Non-HDR vs HDR?

HDR gives parts a far better shines, increases the color range and adds some sweet engine plumes, it can cause some serious graphical artifacting though so I have one of both.

If you know that HDR causes artifacts with your visual set-up go into Gamedata/Fox's Profiles and delete Fox-Neutral-V1.2-HDR.cfg


If you want the vintage config head over here.


Download (Spacedock) or CKAN.

Requires TUFX and Module Manager.

Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit.

-Frank Borman


License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Upload your changes as you wish as long as you credit me and indicate changes were made.

Do NOT use for commercial purposes.

If you build upon or remix the config it must also be under  CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.


Suggestions and Feedback are always welcome feel free to leave a review in the replies!

Big thank you to @SovPenguin, @TruthfulGnome, @ZombieZilla,  @apempathy, and @AmateurAstronaut1969 for testing and feedback!



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3 hours ago, ballisticfox0 said:

It's come to my attention that turning on HDR applies some sweet bloom to engine plumes, HDR is kind of buggy though and can make purple outlines of parts no visible. So should I have it on by default or off?





I say yes on HDR. Looks fantastic. 

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Alright well we have a tie, so I'll do one of both.

Version 1.2 is out!

It has Fox-Neutral-V1.2, which has Cold, Warm, and Bright.

It also has Fox-Neutral-V1.2-HDR, which has ColdHDR, WarmHDR, and BrightHDR.

Since they are separate profiles if you know you are going to use one or the other go into Gamedata/Fox's Profiles/ and delete which ever one you don't want.

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Updated to 1.3

-Made everything a bit darker

-Warmed up cold a bit

-Made space actually black

Meanwhile I've been working on my new True config pack, based off of real cameras used in space.


The film sidebars have been added in a photo editor, the square camera and the grain is in-game.





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