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Alarm Icons at AN and DN

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On 9/15/2021 at 8:10 AM, modus said:

Yes, that is very annoying. 


I have played for thousands of hours and I still cannot remember a single time when I thought I needed such an alarm.

If I am setting up a precise trajectory from one body to another, either to get the required orbit or for setting up a gravity turn, I usually have focus set to the target while I edit the node.

This has now become quite awkward.

So I invite the devs to enlighten me as to when such an alarm would be needed. I can't think of a singe one.



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Just because you don’t see a need for something doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

AN/DN alarms could be useful for aligning planes e.g. to an inclined orbit or when launching from a launch site at a latitude other than zero, or for timing the deployment of multiple evenly-spaced relays from a resonant orbit, or for timing a transfer burn to a target that’s out of plane such as Minmus.

I haven’t had any issues with alarm icons getting in the way. Try using the precise node editor tools in the bottom left of map view instead of dragging the node/handles.

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