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Research Stations!

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I was thinking besides having colonies on other planets maybe we could be able to setup small research stations in Kerbins different biomes (for example deserts, north/south pole etc.) that would ocassionally give us science points as long as scientists are learning more things about that biome, and perhaps we could launch small vehicles from the station that would need to bring samples or measurements from specific places inside the biome to the station for extra science points.

What do you think?

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I used to do this back in KSP1 just for fun. Flying a mission to the north pole (takes about 30 mins if I remember correctly). Landing, walking around a bit on the ice and feeling empty inside. Good times!

Even if we ignore the likely science benefits, being able to construct new space centres anywhere means we'll definitely find some cool places to turn into playgrounds, valleys, canyons, mountains, the giant crater on Kerbin. Can't wait

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