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how do i get to the mun


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What, precisely, is the nature of your difficulty? Are you able to reach a stable Kerbin orbit? My method is typically this:

1. Reach a 90 degree orbit (I like 100km).

2. Wait until the Mun is rising in front of you over the Kerbin horizon and direct burn. Watch on the map screen as your apoapsis (AP on the map) grows and as it approaches the point where it will cross the Mun's orbit, slow throttle until. When you see an encounter, cut throttle.

3. Wait.

4. For a novice, stabilizing your Mun orbit can be tricky and there are many variables. If you're headed for and impact, you can simply burn retrograde and land. If you're going to slingshot, wait for periapsis (PE on the map) and burn retrograde until you have an apoapsis. Now you're orbiting the Mun.

Try that and report back any complications. Also, as a personal favor, please use capitalization and punctuation.

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well i do what you say but nothing and for my mechjeb stragety i do 200 orbit altitude *not 200 meters of height* and then i got on a transfer to mun and then i completely miss also schools these days dont teach us grammer and punucation and capialzation so anyways i need some serious help

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