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el motor swivel no aparece



:Phola, cuando estoy haciendo el tutorial de cosruccion de vehiculos avanzado el motor no aparece, ocurre lo mismo con algunos motores de aviones y e el modo carrera 


hello, when I'm doing the advanced vehicle construction tutorial the engine does not appear, the same thing happens with some aircraft engines and the career mode 


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KSP 1.12.2 added new models for the Swivel and Reliant engines, the old versions got “hidden” in the parts list but the tutorials weren’t updated to use the new models. You can still find the old ones using the advanced part sorting options- click the arrow on the top left of the parts list, then either sort by size (1.25m), manufacturer (Jeb’s Junkyard) or by module (ModuleEnginesFX I believe, or if not then ModuleEngine). It’s an issue that others have also come across, hopefully 1.12.3 will include a fix for this.

In career and science modes you need to unlock tech tree nodes to then use the parts inside each node, using science that you get from running experiments e.g. thermometer readings, crew reports and Mystery Goo experiments. Check that the “missing” parts are still there in the tech tree- if not then you might have a damaged KSP install and this will need fixed: if you got KSP through Steam, right click KSP > Properties > local files > verify integrity, this should download any missing or damaged files and resolve the issue; if not, or if you didn’t get KSP on Steam, just uninstall and reinstall the game from a fresh download and that should fix things- but remember to copy your save games first, move them from KSP/saves to your desktop before uninstalling and then back to KSP/saves when you’ve reinstalled the game.

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