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Hi! This thread is for people who want to try other people's SSTOs and Rockets. Rules, Requirements, Guides, and Destinations are below. Enjoy!


1. No DLCs or Mods that add parts.
2. Must fit requirements (see below)
3. Must be original (Modified versions of other spacecraft is allowed)



1. For Beginners.
2. Easy to Control.
3. Can reach at least one of the Destinations (see below) a Flyby is allowed.
4. Must be launchable from the Original Kerbal Space Center (KSC).



1. Orbit around Kerbin
2. Mun
3. Minmus
4. Duna

Basic Rocket
Probe And Satellite 1
Basic Satellite 2
Plane Design 1
Spaceplane Basics
Plane Design 2

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9 hours ago, AtomicTech said:


Some people don't want to buy the DLCs (like me for example).

Anyway, here's my submission for a long range SSTO. I'm not sure how truly "beginner" level it is, but it's very capable in the right hands.


This craft can reach orbit of Kerbin and then land at the KSC eight times in a row without refueling. If you want to go farther, it can land on Laythe or Eeloo and go back to KSC, three times in a row. In other words, it has a lot of range.

The suggested ascent profile is as follows:
-Use the entire runway to accelerate
-At the end of the runway, pitch up to 5 degrees to maintain altitude
-Accelerate at sea level until 400 m/s, pitching down gradually to stay at sea level
-Lock prograde until nose is pointing up 15 degrees and stay at 15 degrees pitch until 10 km
-At 10 km, pitch down to 10 degrees, and keep gradually pitching down. You should be pointing horizontal at about 16 or 17 km.
-Accelerate on Rapier power until 1650-1670 m/s and turn on the Nerv; lock prograde again. You should be at about 21 or 22 km at this point.
-Cut engines once apoapsis breaks 70 km (or however long you want) and coast to apoapsis to circularize

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Both of these were built in 1.4, but they should still work. My more recent stuff tends to have a lot of mods.

This is a simple SSTO that can get to orbit and back... and that's about it.




This one is a little more advanced; it can carry passengers and dock with other craft in LKO.



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