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Looking for part (solar)


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I've recently done a hardware upgrade and had to reinstall KSP, and I'm looking to reassemble my mod inventory. I've got pretty much everything in place, with one glaring exception.

The part I'm looking for is a two-panel solar array with a cylindrical core that mounts inline in the stack. This array is available in two sizes - 1.25m and another size, either 2.25m or 1.875m. This array has two exposed panels mounted on either side of the cylindrical core that extend on command. It features two-axis sun-tracking - the first axis is rotation upon the radial axis of the core(roll tracking), and the other axis is up and down perpendicular to the radial axis(pitch tracking). So when in orbit and oriented Normal, the roll attitude of the craft doesn't matter, the array will find the sun. The core is black or dark in color.

I use CKAN for installs and it is possible that this part is included in a package for a legacy KSP version, becoming unlisted from the available mods. It is not in Near Future Solar/Electrics, as that is already installed(unless it was removed from that mod recently).

Any help with what mod this part is included in would be greatly appreciated :)

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On 9/24/2021 at 5:29 AM, jimmymcgoochie said:

Maybe it’s in MOLE? I haven’t used that myself but have heard it mentioned that that mod contains stack-mounted two-axis tracking solar panels.

I'm having some difficulty installing that, or more specifically one of its dependancies(WildBlue) through CKAN. It asks to select a version/release and all of the choices available seem to generate a mod intercompatibility error for the several WildBlue versions. I think I did have that installed, though... at one point, at least.

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On 9/24/2021 at 11:15 AM, zer0Kerbal said:

sounds like it is chopshop.

I don't recall the name... I don't think I had that one installed, although the function of the panel array featured in it is the same as those I was looking for. I'll check it out... thank you :)

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