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List your favorate KSP 1 mods that should be stock in 2.0

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Now that I think, looking now the previous post, I decide to add another thing which I haven't still tested on my KSP1, but it could be great if will be a default option on KSP2.

Why I said "a default option"? Simple. The mankind have cities, a lot of cities, and also a lot of residential area. On KSP1, for landings on Kerbin, is basically simple avoid certain area such mountains. You have A LOT of potential landing zones, or splashdown zones. Try to imagine if a real mission from ISS will land in London, Los Angeles, Roma or any other city. Except if the capsule will land with accurate precision on a specific point, like a urban park such Central Park in NY (maybe it couldn't be a perfect example, never visited NY, just to explain), maybe it could still remain a safe landing. But in case of mistakes, it could be very dangerous for the crew and any other person involved. If it will became possible select the option "allow urban complex" on KSP2, this will increase significately the importance to calculate the trajectory for a safe landing.


this comment was added after that i saw this: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/144012-kerbal-cities-pack/

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