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Publishing real names for add-on makers when found?

Gordon Fecyk

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I'm coming to the close of a really long YouTube series in October. 

I wanted to acknowledge everyone that had a hand in creating it, including Team Galileo (who I'm talking with separately), and every add-on maker or contributor. Many of these folks are named in GitHub already, so they've chosen to identify themselves, or I've seen the names before in licenses for said add-ons. What I'd like to know, is if it's OK to publish a credits list with all of these names.

While the names might be publicly visible in GitHub already, I am not sure how correct or ethical it is to lump them all together in one credits roll. I could always stick with GitHub user names or KSP forum user names if it comes to it. I don't want to accidentally 'dox' these folks.


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My unofficial recommendation would be to get permission from anybody that you want to publish their real names.    

While doxing is a concern, there is also branding.     It’s called Galileo’s Planet Pack and not John Doe’s Planet Pack for a reason.   They might prefer  to stay with a certain pseudonym.  

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