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wip RRPT (Restock/PP configs)


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RRPT is a set of MM configs to tweak Restock(ed) engines and Procedural Parts tanks to allow more real(ish) rockets.  Basic goal, real(ish) rocket sizes and percentage payload to low kerbin orbit.

RRPT  https://spacedock.info/mod/2874/RRPT   https://github.com/dgxt002/RRPT

DEPENDENCIES:  Note:  Restock Plus is only needed if you don't have Making History installed


Procedural Parts  https://github.com/KSP-RO/ProceduralParts

Early work:  tweaked "mixed" procedural liquid tank volume to require more realistic tank size

                                restock/stock engines tweaked for more realistic isp values and thrust 

                                "schnauzer" /  "Wolfhound"--> AJ10-137

                                "caravel" / "Skiff" --> J2

                                "galleon" / "Mastedon" --> F1

                                "spark" --> LM propulsion

License:  MIT


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Restock plus is a dependency for now, I could work on making the straight restock engines fit.  I was just inspired that the restock plus engine galleon really resembles the F1 :D

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Posted (edited)

What does "RRPT" stand for? "ReStock ReStockPlus Procedural Tanks"?

Realistic Restock and Procedural Tanks

Just updated, procedural parts is still a dependency but Restock plus isn't so long as you have making history installed (Technically neither is Restock but highly recommended because it's beautiful).  I love procedural tanks since they simplify design and declutter my fuel tank menu :D but also wanted to tweak things since stock is overpowered.  

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