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Space Craft Naming Scheme Ideas


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So I have been doing a "Roleplay" for my Space Program, set up spreadsheets to track stats like Money, Science and Reputation of various programs that are based on IRL ones (but a parody), so mostly doing parodies of Corporate entities like SpaceX and Blue Origin, FireFly, etc.  

I also have them competing vs Kerbal Space Program, and Kerbal Space Pioneers (Retro KSP in my RP)

I been naming crafts in several methods, but the one I am currently going with is the following schematic:

Each launch vehicle has a name, and each package to be launched (pods, satellites, Munlanders, etc) has a name for the spacecraft schematic.  

For example, I might name one launch vehicle "Kerbal 1" with increasing numbers based on how "upgraded" they are, version number in description.
The package is named after the control point usually, so Stayputnik would be a "0" or "Tier 0" Satellite, and I would tack on Relay if it had a relay satellite as well, as the package decided the icon I used.  This is for the blueprints, so an example would be my Kerbal 3 (RSat2) (RSat for Satellite Relays, Sat for Satellites, SS for Space Station, etc).

I then changed the name for each mission after launching the vehicle based on the contract, and orbit.  This is where I need the most advice atm.

A kerbal Minmus Mission would be named the following after reaching the contracted polar orbit with apoapsis of 112km...
K3m2-RSat2-P112km (Kerlington Inc.) (50% Fuel)

Letter for planet, number for planet from star, m for moon, # for number from planet - Package Name (RSat2) - Letter for Orbit type, three numbers (decimal too sometimes) for altitude rounded up, unit for distance in meters (m, km, Mm, Gm, TM, PM, etc.), and then (Company for Contract Shortened Name), such as I.I. for Integrated Integrals, and finally, if I am on the last fueled stage of my satellite, I will put a fuel percentage rounded to the nearest 5% in parenthesis at the end.  

I don't know if this is the most efficient method, or if I am leaving some really important data out for each launch which I can easily find in the base game, but this is where I have arrived for the moment.  

I am thinking about removing the Apoapsis/ Altitude distance for the time being, as you can see it for yourself in the Tracking Station, but I would love to hear anyone's ideas on how to name craft in a way so you can know what the craft is just based on the naming scheme.  :D


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Awww I just noticed there's the old youtube corner in the bottom

     Naming schemes for craft! We've all probably got them, even if it's just Untitled Spacecraft 1, 2, 3, etc.
I was wondering how other players go about them.

Mine are simple. 

Aircraft, depending on time they're designed.

Terrestrial Planes
Prefixes (I guess is the word)
P(followed by D or L, or both)-usable on other planets
M-military use

A, B, C, D, E, I don't need to spell that alphabet for you.

-1, -2, -3, etc.
Depending on design iteration.
A, B, C
Modifications. Beyond C it goes up a number.

For Example, the first plane made would be a XA-1A.

SSTOs or similar

Same as before.
It's an SSTO.
Specifies type of Spaceplane, sometimes eliminating the need for CO or CA.
It prioritizes cargo.
It prioritizes crew.
Recoverable. Sometimes unnecessary. 

Then, I put a cool name, like Firebird or Atlantis.

No suffixes, because I feel like they're all 1-of-a-kind.

A possible SSTO would be SSTO-CO Skyhawk, a possible spaceplane would be Shuttle Atlantis.

Crewed rockets


Cool name.

L or F
Local system (LKO & moons) or F, capable of travel beyond the kerbin system.
Designates amount of crew
Before this, I had like 50 prefixes that were redundant. it resulted in the 5CRRLCSTS.

A possible rocket is the Hadfield-L5

Cargo Rockets

Same as before

The name of a real-world engine, rocket, or star

Suffixes(not used of on -1A
-1, -2, -3, etc.
Same as aircraft.
a, b, c.
Same as aircraft.

A possible rocket is the RR-Raptor-B.

When i'm first doing the tech tree, the first rocket ever is 1, followed by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Generally, only 3, 5, 6 are saved.


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I have also thought about replacing the apoapsis numbers with numbers representing the date of launch, such as YEAR,MM,DD as that kinda would work like a serial number, and in fact I am going to start a new save specifically to do this for all craft blueprints as well as I feel this will help me make the names simpler.  

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On 10/5/2021 at 4:01 AM, RikaRoleplay said:

Each launch vehicle has a name, and each package to be launched (pods, satellites, Munlanders, etc) has a name for the spacecraft schematic.  

I play on PS5. I can only give my ticket a single name I believe. Is there any way to separately name the launch vehicle and payload? Or are you just recording the separate names somewhere else?

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