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A 0.17-compatible rover mod?


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Hi folks, I'm relatively new to KSP. I've been dipping in and out since late-0.15 and I adore the game, thouhg a lot of the more math/physics stuff goes way over my head at times.

I'm usually not one for mods but I feel like the thing that game is really missing, for me to go exploring Mun and the newer celestial bodies is a Rover of some kind.

Could somebody point me in the direction of a decent rover mod or two? Would love to get some on-the-ground exploring done that doesn't entail running super-slow as a Kerbal, hehe.

Thanks folks! :)

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you might also want to check out the Modular Multiwheels add-on, as it lets you pretty much put the wheels where you want them to be, instead of having an entire chassis that you build your rover off of, this means you can do things like tricycles and other relatively uncommon wheel configurations

(link to mod) http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/showthread.php/21909-0-16-TouhouTorpedo-s-Modular-Multiwheels-%28Tosh-s-Cart-Mod-powered%29

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