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Pointless Cargo SSTO

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Still somewhat of a work in progress, I need to be sure it consistently makes orbit before posting it proper, this 1100 T flying tin can full of O2 and volatile fuel is capable of lifting about 394 T into orbit.

So, if you need to spend a very long time to pointlesly lift an enormous amount of fuel (or other cargo, I guess) into LKO, watch this space.



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7 hours ago, Dobelong said:

Very nice, is it on KerbalX?
Also fyi, apparently 1 shock cone intake (which also has better performance than the adjustable ramps) can provide air for 4 RAPIERs.

I did not know that, thank you!  The ramps look better though, especially when they're stacked on top of one another like that.


I might try the shock cones, but I much prefer the look of the ramps.


I need to fiddle with it a bit before putting it on KerbalX as it only makes orbit one time in two.  That's probably more due to my dodgy piloting skills though.

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It seems to work pretty consistently now.  It's tight, but LKO somehere between 71 and 75 K (halway to anywhere, right?) is reliably achievable.  Launch profile is in the KerbalX link, but if anyone has a better way to get this thing into orbit I'd like to know about it.  Actually, I'd like to know if anyone else downloads it and if they can get it in to orbit and / or find an actual use for it.

Oh, and the landing gear at the back is so I don't tailstrike.



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