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SSTO engine mod?


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Near Future Aeronautics. It includes a dual-cycle 1.25m engine (similar to the stock RAPIER but with different stats), and also larger 2.5m versions so you don't have to add dozens of small engines on larger SSTOs.

Mk2 Stockalike Expansion and Mk3 Stockalike Expansion add engines in those respective profiles.

I see you're new here. I'll add that it's possible to make an SSTO without an SSTO-specific engine type. Jet engines are very fuel efficient so most SSTOs start with jets. After jet flameout, you can try regular rocket engines, NERV nuclear, and even monopropellant.

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It’s worth mentioning Project Eeloo from Kerbal Atomics which uses the local atmosphere (oxygenated or not!) in “jet” mode and then liquid hydrogen in space (a patch can swap it to use liquid fuel as KA will swap most nuclear engines to run on liquid hydrogen, which can break existing crafts); it’s big, heavy, expensive and has poor ISP compared to something like the NERV, but it delivers plenty of thrust and works in any atmosphere- including on Eve!

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