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Naval Research Vessel Challenge

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RSV Challenge


(Place Holder Image until a proper badge can be made)

Basic Rules;

  1. No Mods that add parts.
  2. Stick to the briefs, if unable to try and follow the spirit of each category.
  3. Screenshots and a craft file required for eligibility for the completion



The categories are going to be split up into 3 weight classes in order to differentiate between the different role and usability of each vessel, furthermore each category will have further stipulations to make the categories more diverse and unique.


Class 1: <100 tons

Designed for speed and Versatility, these ships should be able to travel at high speeds to conduct mid-range sorties that larger vessels can't reach i.e. along rivers and in shallow waters.

Class Requirements

  • High speed and mobility
  • Minimum range of 500km ferry distance
  • Modest science suite 
  • Light Communications Array
  • Small crew <20, unmanned is permitted

Example Vessel;


Class 2: 100-600 tons

Designed as a high endurance vessel, these ships should be able to carry out voyages across the oceans with what constitutes a wide array of scientific instruments as well as the ability to launch and recover auxiliary craft.

Class Requirements

  • Minimum range of 2000km of ferry distance
  • Expansive science suite with field lab
  • Modest Communications Array
  • Ability to launch and recover auxiliary craft
  • Medium sized crew, 40-80 members

Example Vessel;


Class 3: >600 tons

The hulking behemoths of the sea, these beasts should be able to coordinate, analyse and control all research missions in the surrounding ocean with the ability to launch and recover survey aircraft.

Class Requirements

  • Minimum range of 3600km of ferry distance
  • Complete science suite
  • Ability to launch and recover auxiliary craft
  • High powered communications array
  • Large crew, 60-120 members

Example Vessel;











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