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The Third Great Number War: The Long Haul!


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    • The Positive Guard
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    • The Neutralists (Can go either way)
    • The Other People. Chaotic beings, the lot of them.

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For those who weren't about when I forwarded the proposal of the 5 minute rule and it was voted on (see page 120). The reason is because everybody was trying to spam post as fast as they could, so their number was rarely correct and they had no chance to correct. It made the game unplayable. If we start fresh it will basically be the same but with the 5 minute rule in the OP. We are open to suggestions if there is anything anybody would like to add. 5 people say yes to the idea and it will be included.

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I am happy for a map but I don't think the casual player will care much about story, But as this is a true democracy, if 4 more people like the idea of a story and say they would like it, then it is in.

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Just now, Nazalassa said:

Was a joke.

Okey dokey. Well even though it is a freezing morning where I am, I haven't slept yet and so I am off to do so. Catch you at later time.

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6 hours ago, SSTO Crasher said:

I’ve got a radical idea. We just continue using our current system and explain to all new members

Sounds lovely but it always ends up with me having to let them know. We have a new player that was playing at the same time as you and didn't know the rule, You never mentioned it to them the whole time and so by the time I arrived they had posted too quick a few times, but nobody had told them.

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1 hour ago, Aerodynamic Kerbal said:

Aight fellas, my laptop had some problems and couldn't start up. My dad changed the hard disk and I re-downloaded all the programs. Sorry for the dellay.

Sorry you missed the conclusion. We are now taking a break and discussing the possibility of statring a new and updated version in a new thread.

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