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Get as close to the sun as you can without getting cooked alive.


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There simple objective: Go to the sun and go as close as you can without any part on your craft being destroyed. Screenshot your closest approach to the sun without blowing up and post it here.

Send a probe close to the sun = Grilling expert

Send a Kerbal close to the sun = Bacon Expert

Send a SPACE STATION close to the sun = Cooking enthusiast (only counts as space station if it has docking ports)

Return to Kerbin after doing any of the previously stated = Grilling Master (Must not return the space station to Kerbin must send a crew to station and then return the crew)


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There's a hazard with this in that if you go to warp it messes with the rates at which the ship accumulates heat and radiators shed heat and your ship can go blooey even though it was faring well before warping. You might have to wait out a rather lengthy periapsis in real time to keep your craft alive. So participants, be advised. 

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