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NASA DART Challenge


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7 hours ago, GeminiExplorer said:

It took some time but I finally was successful. Going to try again with a higher velocity



Great job! I assume your craft is between 1-5 tons because of the solar panels. Because of this there are much more changes on Dimorphos' orbit as it's heavier.



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Here it is. See attached screenshot image gallery. Sorry about the graphical glitch. The Parallax rendering being used don't seem to work with Linux graphics for me.


My DART satellite features a camera deployment for versimilitude. In my first attempt I had unknown tracking off so I missed. Got it on my second try.

Edit: Craft files available here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1mMnhwZoUTOHZPFKnBzUlW7AG9bvKZQFP?usp=sharing

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I tried my hand at making a video - which ive never done before - so its of questionable quality; hopefully the craft itself makes up for it. I tried to make the DART as close to real as i could, including engine gimbal, the cool way the panels roll out and the LICIACube. First forum post too!

I usually play heavy modded so this challenge was a fun change of pace. Ignore the fps issues/lack of visual mods, im on a laptop :)


Edit: hopefully fixed embed link

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