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Simple Maneuver Node Question



In a lot of the tutorials and videos I've seen, people are able to zoom in on target bodies and see where maneuvers are taking them.  They are then able to edit nodes while zoomed in on the target body, which allows them to very carefully refine their line of travel; this helps people with orbiting and gravity assists and such.

How is this done?  When I set a celestial body as the target and try to create a node and zoom in, I am not getting the benefit of seeing the lines in the same way I see in the videos.  I have to constantly guess at how close I am to the body (I know I can hover over the encounter points and see Ap/Pe/An/Dn and such).  But to get a close-up visual of where I'm headed?  Can't do it.

What am I missing?  What key binding am I not remembering here to allow me to see this?

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There is i difference between setting a body as a target, and setting it as your focus.   What you want to do is focus your view on that body.  There are a few ways to do that, I’ll use Mun as an example.

  • One way is to cycle through all the celestial bodies using the TAB key.  This works, but takes a long time.
  • If you Right-Click on Mun, you should see an option to ‘focus’ your view on Mun.  Again, you don’t need to set it as a target (although you could do that as well), what you want is to set your focus on Mun.
  • There is a keystroke which will reset your focus to the active vessel- I think on most computers this is the tilde key- “~”.  It’s usually up near the ESC key, upper left of keyboard.
  • Also, using the [  ] keys will  cycle your focus among vessels which are near each other.  (I think within ~2.5 km or so). 
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@Scarecrow71 another way to fine tune your maneuver while focused at another body is to use the maneuver info button below the map view button


the place where it says orbit just click the arrows till it says maneuver 1 or the number of maneuver u want to editmain-qimg-873787315b3ac5d57f30fc180d78ed

should look like this, the slider will change the amount of deltaV added at every change (reduce it the more u want to fine tune). Orbit + / - will change the no of orbits later u start the burn and the two arrows in middle of all nodes will change the place where the burn will start from (it is to move the manuever forward in the orbit to make it happen later or to bring backward to make it earlier, kinda like the orbit + and -)

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