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Recommended Planet Packs (and some suggestions)


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KSP Planet packs are obviously a big part of KSP.  They not only solve bad parts of KSP but add many new features to the game.

Great planet packs:

Galileo's Planet Pack - Completely replaces stock system.  GPP secondary add the Ciro system in orbit of the sun.

-  GEP (Grannus expansion pack):  Add planets to grannus

OPM - Adds outer planets.  YAY!!!!

Whirligig world - crazy mod with space center on a huge planet that spins so fast it is oblate!

RSS - Super challenging mod that replaces the stock system with the real one.

JNSQ - one of the best mods.  This should be how big and nice KSP2 looks like.  Stock planets but with a visual overhaul that nearly triples its size.  (2.65x)



- In stock KSP and JNSQ, Duna is slightly under G-forced.  In JNSQ, duna is undersized and in stock, moho also has too little G-forces.

- JNSQ conflicts with GPP, even GPP secondary :(

- There could be a planet pack that is like the sneak preview of KSP2, but just planets.

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More stuff and suggestions.
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