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Crooked craft (Split from FAQ)



Hello everybody.

I've got some repurposed bovine waste going on.

I reinstalled the game (1.12.2), did not install mods, I launch a new career, create the first device, a cabin, Solid Fuel Engine ...

I put the stabilizer, but it is crooked! Or one way, or the other, but not exactly!

Maybe someone knows how to deal with this?


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By "stabiliser", do you mean a fin, a launch clamp or something else entirely?

Maybe you've accidentally turned angle snap off (or possibly on?); press X to toggle it and that might fix the problem. If that doesn't help, switch to rotate mode (either press the 3 button (above W/E, not the numpad 3 if you have one of those on your keyboard) or click the third icon with the circles at the top left of the screen), switch to "absolute" mode by clicking the button that probably says "local", then click each part and click all three of the circles that appear on the part to reset their rotation.

Without a screenshot of the problem there's not much more I, or anyone else, can do to help.

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