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Rescue crafts?

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28 minutes ago, Admiral Fluffy said:

Console player, can’t use mods.

I recommend using  the 3 kerbal pod, and the mk1 crew cabin.

Probably needs a decent supply of monoprop too.

Might use this exact design, thanks!

The launch vehicle will be made by me

Actually, when I think about it, the crew cabin with mk1-3 really looks like the Gemini thing!

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  1. Are we talking about four kerbals in the same craft, or are they spread out?
  2. From which celestial body's orbit do you need to rescue your kerbals from (which planet/moon)?
  3. What are the (general) characteristics of the orbit/s? Polar? Prograde/retrograde?


I looked through my KerbalX for spacecraft that could rescue four or more kerbals from orbit, and found the Poseidon Mk. IV


  • Craft file: https://kerbalx.com/Mars-Bound_Hokie/Poseidon-Mk-IV-NO-MODS
  • If it can fly to Laythe and back, it can rescue your stranded friends from LKO.
  • The rest of the craft that could carry a minimum of four people to AND from Kerbin's surface were:
    • A spaceplane-launched relay.
      • Unless you also want to deploy a small orbital relay antenna somewhere, I don't recommend using this.
      • It can ONLY carry four people.
    • A docking-capable variant of the Poseidon.


What do you think?

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